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The Online Sharing Economy as a promising market evolution once bloomed 20 years ago but then only with a handful of successors. These few providers like Uber and Airbnb established themselves as centralised intermediaries fully controlling all sharing procedures and all fees! 

Now with the help of NFTs (nonfungible tokens) there is a new type of tokenized “Sharing dEconomy” arriving with transparent decentralised procedures on the blockchain. The NFTs enable smartly contracted tokens simply enabling to share physical and digital products, interests, assets, resources, funds or services … just select a matching contractform from our template library, add your individual offer or quest, select market categories and make it go viral. 

We are preparing a nextgen yet userfriendly Shareconomy market & exchange platform  on and NFTshare.X (as its web 3.0 hub) – This reliable and secured decentralised ecosystem will facilitate autonomous, transparent and trustless smart contracts deploying tokenized Shares + Sharings into p2p action.

Easy UI/ UX is enabled by an NFT library of key-ready smart contract templates to start with. These smart contracts facilitate  multiple Workstream Benefits, Realty Benefits, Financial Benefits, Informal Benefits, Equipment Benefits and Private Benefits as listed below.

NFTshare.X brings together clients and providers peer-to-peer without  the need of any third party intermediaries to efficiently manage Shares & Sharings e.g. of commercial or private interests, financial participation, data or energy access, any limited resources, unused goods, offices and services of all kind.

Our marketing team is interested in joint ventures with NFT entrepreneurial developers, NFT coders and… YES; WE ARE OPEN FOR VC funding.

Contact the NFTshareX team If your interest is buying this curated bundle of .NFT addresses please visit SIGN.DOMAINs and drop us a line

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